Sporting Ellections and CR7 Goal

Regarding an audio record that allegedly involves a candidate for a Board Member on the list headed by Dr. Frederico Varandas and made public this Sunday through social networks, and given the seriousness of the facts, the candidacy Dias Ferreira – Somos Todos Sporting (List F) issues the following statement:

1. We repudiate head and head completely and any behavior that appeals to violence, physical and psychological, or that, based on the threat, aims to sow the fear and division of the Sportinguista family.

2. The recent incidents that occurred at the Academy of Alcochete have deeply embarrassed us, and should serve as examples so that there is no contemplation in the public denunciation of this kind attitudes.

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3. Any candidacy that welcomes those who defend violence and homophobia as electoral instruments should deserve the most vehement repudiation of the members of Sporting Clube de Portugal in the elections of 8 September 2018.

4. For the sake of electoral transparency, Dr. Frederico Varandas owes an explanation to all sportinguists: either the recording is false – which deserves our most urgent repudiation – or Dr. Frederico Varandas has to withdraw all the consequences of the statements made by the member of the list he or she heads.

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5. The Application Dias Ferreira – We Are All Sporting (List F) reaffirms what it has defended throughout this pre-election period: Sporting needs a union around the founding principles of the Club, not of clashes and divisions that serve only the interests of our adversaries.

The bicycle goal that Cristiano Ronaldo scored against Juventus in Turin in the quarter-finals of the Champions League drew the most votes for the year’s UEFA Champions League goal.

According to the organization, the goal that the Portuguese international scored for Real Madrid to his future team – and for which he received applause from the local fans, which greatly moved him – received almost 200 thousand of the 346 thousand votes registered. Ronaldo himself said recently that this was the best goal of his career.

Ronaldo thus succeeds the now teammate Mandzukic, who curiously last year won with a goal scored to Real Madrid. Messi won the first two votes.

Ferenc Puskás, one of the best players ever

Ferenc Puskás Biró (Budapest, 1 April 1927 – Budapest, 17 November 2006) was a Hungarian footballer and trainer. He is considered the greatest footballer in the history of Hungarian football and one of the greatest footballers of all time. He also defended the Spanish National Team.

Its name of baptism was Ferenc Purczeld Biró (Purczeld Biró Ferenc, in the Hungarian standard).

Puskás became famous as the leader of the Hungarian national team who made history in the first half of the 1950s, when his cast became known as “Magyar Magicians.” The country was undefeated for four years, winning the gold medal of football at the 1952 Summer Olympics and ending the 1954 World Cup runner-up, although it is undoubtedly considered the best team of this tournament. At the same time, he was the natural leader of the club that served as the basis for that selected Honvéd. His 84 goals in 85 games for Hungary make him the top scorer of the Magyar team; was by far the greatest scorer of a national team, a record beaten by the Iranian Ali Daei.

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Puskás, who had the rank of major (hence his nickname Major Galloping), has an exceptional goal scoreline for his country, 84 in 85 games. Precise skill holder for short and dry passes and dribbles, plus a neat left kick, was a brain player. Compared to other players of the day, he was considered fat and low. He would put glitter on his black hair and brush them back.

Largest Hungarian footballer ever entered the history of the sport also for his achievements by Real Madrid at the end of that decade and the beginning of the next. He is also one of the few to have played World Cups for two countries: he participated in the 1962 competition for Spain. According to FIFA, Puskás is one of five to have played World Cups for two countries considered different by the entity, along with Luis Monti (who played for Argentina in 1930 and Italy in 1934), José Santamaría he played for Uruguay in 1954 and Spain for 1962), José João “Mazzola” Altafini (who played for Brazil in 1958 and Italy in 1962) and Robert Prosinečki (who played 1990 for Yugoslavia and 1998 and 2002 by Croatia).

According to the IFFHS, the 512 goals of Puskás (in 528 matches) make of him the third greater gunner of century XX. Alongside compatriot Zoltán Czibor and Uruguayan Jose Pedro Cea, Puskás is also one of three athletes who scored goals in the Olympics and World Cup finals. Since 2009, FIFA has awarded the Ferenc Puskás Award to the most beautiful goal of the year.

Steven Gerrard is the new coach of Glasgow Rangers

The former England midfielder was training the young Liverpool players from February 2017.

Liverpool manager Steven Gerrard has signed a contract with the Scottish club to sign his first contract as a professional coach for a four-year contract.

“I look forward to starting this new adventure at Rangers,” said Steven Gerrard, 37, at the official website of the Glasgow Emblem on the Internet, replacing his compatriot Graeme Murty.

The club, which includes the Portuguese Bruno Alves, Candeias, Dálcio and Fábio Cardoso, dismissed coach Graeme Murty, who had succeeded Pedro Caixinha two days after being beaten 5-0 by rival Celtic. seventh consecutive title.

Gerrard, a former England midfielder who represented 114 times and Liverpool over 17 years, finished his playing career in 2016 at LA Galaxy in the United States to start his coaching career.

Since February 2017, Steven Gerrard has trained the young layers of the “reds”. In 17 seasons, the English midfielder never won a Premier League title, but captained Liverpool in winning the Champions League in 2005.